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30: Switching Frameworks to Vue.js with David Rogers

We interview David Rogers (a.k.a Al-the-X) about his career path among the front-end frameworks and his latest roles for firms switching from Angular and Backbone to Vue. A very valuable discussion takes place about why both firms chose Vue.js against a "shootout" of Angular, React, Ember, and RxJS, and how aspects of Vue worked well for the switch.

29: Learning JavaScript and Accessibility with Megan Schemmel

Don follows-up with previous guest Megan Schemmel, who is learning how to be a full-stack web developer. They talk about how she went from being a non-developer to knowing HTML and CSS, launching websites with Wordpress, picking up skills in accessibility, and what she's learned about JavaScript so far.

28: Products are Fun, Promotion is Not, and Preventing Perfectionism

We begin talking about the career aspirations of sports officiants (tennis gigs) and upcoming technology projects Don wants to tackle, but it slowly morphs into a discussion about outsourcing, build/buy, and trying to maintain perfection simply because you have Subject Matter Expertise in a particular area (yes, the code stuff). The result was a great episode about self-reflection as you try to figure out what your role should be as you climb the management ladder, while still loving to build apps.

27: Discussing Firebase Authentication

Randy has a possible conference presentation coming up in the next few weeks, so he gets Don to listen to the outline and poke some holes in the outline. Along the way, they discuss what Firebase Authentication is, why it's a worthwhile consideration for app builders, and what Randy needs to research to fill in the blanks.

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